Your learning platform should not only create a learning opportunity but also a community that  is inviting, thought-provoking and innovative. 

Blending various elements of online communication and allowing participants' contribution is the key. This is a great upgrade to your consulting brand and a way to get connected globally and continue with your own learning. 

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If learning lies on the foundation of neatly built relationships, is online learning a justified learning resource? Well, it depends how you approach it. Reach your audience in a friendly and highly professional manner and you will prove that not only are they getting the same quality of education but also you have made it possible for them to learn from you even if they live on the other side of the world.

There are many advantages to setting up your online learning event.

Online edu community is welcoming to anyone who wants to learn or contribute to the global shift in education we are witnessing. 
Join any of the #CEESAgoviral and #CEduAD conferences for free either as a host, a panelist or an attendee. Contact Vlatka with a topic you believe should be discussed or suggest an educator you believe can contribute to this global learning environment.

Every in-house training is tailored to the particular needs of a school team. Vlatka works together on recognising your team's potential, building relationships and allowing creativity to redesign the way you work. 


Various modules offer steps compatible to the existing circumstances and your team's foundation leading to a creative, constructive and productive work environment.


The Butkovic method™ is fast and efficient approach to learning English as a Second Language. Vlatka is blending English language learning with Students' content creation, communication skills integration and tech tools. 

The Butkovic method™ has been the trade mark of Butkovic Education Centre for 30 years, making it the oldest and most successful language school in Croatia. More than 15000 Students have contributed to what this method is today: a reliable tool and a way of life.

ESL Programme is supported by textbooks authored by Vlatka and her colleague and dear friend, Anita Poljak. They have written a series of textbooks for ESL learners, A CUP OF ENGLISH 1-4 for K1-K4 Students,  FAIL FORWARD IN READING 1-4 Students for K5-K9, and a grammar gem FAIL FORWARD IN GRAMMAR Starter for Students' first introduction to English grammar. Their Student were active participants in creating the books. The concept of the books remains flexible for any individual learner's intervention.


Vlatka also did the graphic design of the books, implementing the need to educate students about the design and self-presentation through creative work into the books.

The Vlatka continuously adapts her method to the new generations.


Vlatka Butković holds a Masters Degree in Art History which explains her love of design. She has designed numerous websites and textbooks. She includes design training in all of her workshops and curriculum programmes, seeing that it is too often overlooked by students and teachers. Therefore, consider not only getting the website built but to learn how to develop it further yourself and to teach your students this useful skill.

Take a look at some of the websites she's designed: CEduAD, #CEESAgoviral, GDPR Goes to School,  NoStress Marketing, Butkovic Education Centre, Vlatka Butkovic Consulting, NoStress Publishing, EdChange Global, Project Unicorn.

Your website is a medium to present your personal story, not only a virtual business card.​


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